I could literally feel from my toes to my kneecap something tingling in between, and I could feel after the treatment was done, I had no more pain in that area!"  That connection - simply put - is reinvigorating blood flow to certain organs of the body. "I like to think of the needles as antennas that are communicating with your brain, and receiving communication from your brain about what needs to happen in your body to get healthy," Shanell Rodriguez from the Boise Acupuncture Co-Op said. "You might have a sensation of dullness, achiness, or throbiness, and that's considered therapeutic. Most people feel really relaxed and they take a little nap." Although it's been used to treat pain for centuries in Asia, acupuncture is relatively new to the United States, only being used for the past few decades. "The medical profession is really picking up on this and using it more and more," Alan Shaw at St. Luke's in Meridian said. He regularly uses acupuncture to relieve pain for cancer patients. "So with an acupuncture point in the hand, I can address problems with the teeth, I can address problems with the lower abdomen, with the low back and with circulation in the feet," Shaw said. Mark Deba even uses the acupuncture to treat his PTSD and sleep disturbances, and now, it's been eight months since he took an opioid. "I feel great! I'm telling you, the acupuncture is working! It really is." Copyright 2018 Scripps Media, Inc.

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